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Cartage Rainwater Tanks | RPM Pipes | Headwall Moulds

 Cartage Tanks Global Rotomoulding | Atek Engineering
Rainwater Tanks Global Rotomoulding | Atek Engineering
Cartage  Tanks
The best tanks on the market and known for reliability and quality, Global Rotomoulding Tanks are available in a range of sizes.

* Water/Spray
* Molasses
* Diesel
* Fertiliser

Atek Engineering will mount your tank onto a frame suitable for your application (view photo gallery)

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  Rainwater Tanks
Atek Engineering are the agent for Global Rotomoulding in the South Burnett area.  we stock all sizes from 1000 litres (220 gallons) to 25,000 litres (5,500 gallons).  See Global Rotomoulding website for product details and we will organise your tank requirements pronto at the most competitive prices

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 Atek Engineering agents for RPM Pipes  
Blackwing Headwall Moulds by Atek Engineering

RPM Pipes

These high density polyethylene plastic pipes are made from recycled plastics.  There are four sizes available 315mm, 400mm, 450mm and 630mm.  For more detail visit the RPM website.

* Suitable for sub-divisions, culverts, property access, feed/water troughs & more
* 6m in length and can be cut by chainsaw
* Tested by CSIRO (data available)
* UV stabilised
* Environmentally friendly

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Black Wing Headwalls
The Black Wing is manufactured from recycled black polyethylene plastic and is UV stabilised.  Designed by Atek Engineering and made here in  Queensland.  These headwalls, known as The Black Wing have been specifically designed to be placed into position, filled with concrete and left in situ, creating a strong, efficient headwall.

The savings and benefits are:

* Easy cartage of the pipes and headwalls to the venue (no crane trucks, just light vehicles)
* Ease of loading
* Minimal fuss with the laying of the pipe - reduced machinery hire time
* Assisting in the recycling process and helping the environment

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